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How to apply

It is in your best interest to frame your application in terms of the selection criteria or job specific capabilities so that the selection advisory committee has enough information to make an informed decision about your claims for selection. The selection criteria or job specific capabilities lists the qualifications, abilities and experience that the selection advisory committee will be seeking in the successful applicant. Before making a decision to apply for an employment opportunity in Comcare you should study the selection documentation and speak to the contact officer if you require any further information. You should also explore the Comcare website for more information about our agency.

Preparing your application

If you are not familiar with the Australian Public Service, you may find this resource useful: Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service.

Personal Details: Personal details provide us with vital eligibility, referee and contact information. It is also an opportunity to let us know whether you need any assistance during the process.

Selection Criteria/Job Specific Capabilities: The selection criteria and job specific capabilities describe the skills and knowledge required to achieve the outcomes of the role. Your Statement of Claims against the selection criteria or job specific capabilities is your opportunity to demonstrate your competency to the selection panel, and is the most important factor in determining whether your application will be short-listed for further consideration. It is recommended that you frame your Statement of Claims against the criteria in the context of the primary responsibilities of the role and the qualifications and/or experience identified as a requirement for the position.

It is important that you demonstrate how you will be of value to the job and the organisation. Make sure you adequately address each selection criterion or job specific capability and provide evidence of your suitability. Do not simply state that you meet the requirements. Provide examples from your current or past role(s) which demonstrate how you meet the criterion or capability. Utilising the STAR Approach will assist you responding to the selection criteria. The STAR Approach is one way of presenting information. For each criteria or capability think about the following and use these points to form sentences:

Situation – Set the context by describing the circumstance where you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.

Task – What was your role?

Approach – What did you do and how did you do it?

Result – What did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?

Current and Relevant Resume: We are interested in your employment history, relevant qualifications and training. These should be presented starting with the most recent (i.e. in reverse chronological order).

Qualifications: For some roles we need evidence of your formal qualifications (e.g. Law Degree).

Referee reports: It is not necessary to provide written referee reports with your application. If you are selected for further assessment, you may be asked to provide two current referee reports at that time, however the selection panel may seek  referee reports from your referees after the assessment.

Submitting your application

Recruitment Process

1. Provide your personal details including current referee contact details.
2. Upload your statement addressing the selection criteria or the job specific capabilities and your resume outlining your work history and relevant qualifications.
3. Submit your completed application.


Comcare is committed to providing equal opportunity including the principle of selection and promotion of staff on merit, which precludes irrelevant personal attributes. Fair and transparent processes are applied in assessing the capacity of a person to perform the inherent requirements of a position, having regard to the person's knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience and their potential for future development.

Equal opportunity in employment also means enabling staff the opportunity to access the relevant conditions of employment, irrespective of personal attributes and to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Applicants who require further information, support or special arrangements for applying for a position or at interview please contact Recruitment or  Workplace Health and Safety on 1300 366 979 . Alternatively you can complete the Request for reasonable adjustment form [RTF] and forward it to

Closing date for applications

To be considered, your application must be submitted by 11pm on the day shown in the advertisement.

Late applications will not be accepted unless prior agreement has been obtained from the Contact Officer.

Who has access to my application?

The recruitment team, selection advisory committee, or a recruitment agency assisting with the selection process are able to access your application. Your application authorises Comcare to provide your information to a third party for the purposes of assisting Comcare in assessing your suitability for the position.

Recruitment contacts
Telephone: 1300 366 979 and ask for a member of the Recrutiment Team


Unless you indicate otherwise in your application you will be considered to be available for interview from the closing date for applications onwards. If you are not available for interview at the designated time, or can not be contacted you may not be considered further for selection. Usually you will be given at least two days' notice of the requirement for an interview.

Page last updated: 09 Aug 2017