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Aids, appliances and modifications

Comcare may approve the provision, repair or replacement of an aid or appliance that you reasonably require as a result of your compensable condition.

Items may include, but are not limited to:

  • backrests
  • telephones for the visually impaired
  • door openers
  • angled writing boards.

General household items such as toasters, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers are not considered to be aids or appliances.

Comcare will also consider liability for essential home, workplace (outside the boundaries of your employer's duty of care) and car modifications that are required as a result of your compensable condition.

You should get Comcare's approval before buying or seeking any repairs, alterations or modifications. For Comcare to consider liability for the requested items, you must be undertaking, have completed, or have been assessed as not capable of undertaking a return to work program.

To claim for aids, appliances, alterations and modifications you must:

  1. Print out the Claim for aids and appliances excluding hearing aids form to claim for aids and appliances; OR the Claim for alterations to a place of residence/work or modifications to a vehicle/article form to claim for .
  2. Have your medical provider complete the form.
  3. Submit the form to Comcare. Comcare may need you to get quotes and other information before liability can be determined.
  4. Buy the aid, appliance or modification.
  5. Send invoices or receipts to Comcare for payment.
Page last updated: 04 Aug 2015