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Travel costs

Comcare may reimburse costs related to travel to attend medical treatment in the following cases:

  • the condition reasonably requires use of an ambulance or public transport, including a taxi
  • a private motor vehicle is used for travel to attend medical treatment and the distance travelled for any one-off treatment session is more than 50 kilometres for the round-trip

Comcare will not reimburse the cost of travel in a private vehicle to treatment that is less than a 50 kilometre round-trip. Comcare will not normally pay for travel if the type of treatment is readily available from another medical provider who practices within the 50 kilometre limit.

If public transport is used to attend medical treatment, Comcare may reimburse the reasonable costs of that transport.

If a private motor vehicle is used, Comcare will pay a specific rate per kilometre travelled. This rate is updated as appropriate.

How do I claim for travel by public transport to medical treatment?

  1. Discuss your transport needs with your medical provider
  2. If your medical provider considers your work-related condition requires you to travel to treatment on public transport, you will need to obtain a certificate from the medical provider confirming this view
  3. Send the certificate from your medical provider to Comcare, together with evidence of your attendance at the treatment and receipts for your travel on a completed Medical Services Claim form.

How do I claim for using a private motor vehicle to travel to medical treatment?

  1. Discuss your transport requirements with your Comcare Claims Services Officer, including the need for travel beyond a 50 kilometre round trip
  2. If the agreed private vehicle travel exceeds a 50 kilometre round trip, complete your journey details on a Medical Services Claim form.
Page last updated: 26 Sep 2014