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Case Estimate Dates

Case estimate reports on CIS are dependent on Comcare’s claim database, Pracsys. When claims documentation, such as claim for time off work forms and claims for medical expenses, are submitted to Comcare, these claims are processed and recorded on Pracsys. This information can then be used to calculate case estimates.

Case estimates are available on CIS two months after the end of each month. This delay allows sufficient time for claims to be processed and ensures case estimates better reflect the actual cost of claims to date.

The following table details when case estimate reports are available on CIS, and what month the reports relate to.

Case estimate based on development to end of Available on CIS
July First week of October
August First week of November
September First week of December
October First week of January
November First week of February
First week of April
The extra time for the estimates based on the development of claims to the end of December is to increase the quality of the estimates of claim costs used in premium calculations.
CIS will continue to show these estimates in April so that agencies have more time to view the estimates used to calculate premiums.
January Last week of May
February First week of June
March Second week of June
April First week of July
May First week of August
June First week of September

Page last updated: 15 May 2014