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Case Management Reports

Designed to support an Agency's Case Management team, this suite of reports provides more detailed claims information to assist an agency with the ongoing management of their workers compensation claims.  This also allows for enhanced management of claims with extended periods of incapacity, and those with Return to Work activity (as recorded in Comcare's central database).

Report Content and the Reporting Period

All reports provide a number of content and presentation options. For example, reports can usually provide data by:

  • All (whole of agency)
  • Cost Centre
  • Cost Centre View (grouping of  cost centres created by Comcare on request).
There are a number of reporting period options available for selection:
  • Financial year
  • Calender year
  • Other, as required
The number of reporting periods (years) available for selection varies between each report.

A number of the reports in this section are larger customer data reports, which can be generated in .csv (spreadsheet) format, to allow an agency to perform detailed claims analysis.

Important notes

Data currency

The claims information within the Management Reports is updated on a daily basis, with data as at close of business.  This means that on any day, CIS will be reporting with data as at close of business on the day immediately prior.  Information about total costs, including likely future costs, is updated on a monthly basis.
All reports are available through the Comcare Customer Information System via the Comcare Website, or can be produced on request as required.

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014