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43. Claims With Multiple Return to Work Plans

Description:  A listing of all open claims with more than 1 Return to Work plan.

Access level required:  Case Management Detail level access.

Export options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits:  The report assists agencies in evaluating the effectiveness of their Return to Work plan activity and policies.

Parameters: This report represents claims that have more than one return to work plan registered against it.

Fields Description
Employee Name The name of the injured employee.
Claim Number The unique number that identifies a claim.
Liable cost centre The reporting group that has been allocated to the claim. Usually this is the business area or region the employee worked in when they were injured. Liable cost centres are supplied by the customer and the level of detail is dependant on the customers reporting needs.
Date of Injury The date that claimants injury occurred.
Provider The contracted provider responsible for implementing the return to work plan.
RTW Start Date The date that the return to work plan commenced.
RTW End Date The date that the return to work plan is due to be finalised.
Cost to date ($) The total of costs incurred on the claim as of yesterday.
Future cost estimate ($) The estimate of future costs on the claim as of the case estimate date. The future cost estimate is determined by a complex calculation that takes into account a wide array of factors.
Case Manager The person within the agency responsible for management of the claim.

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014