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44. Customer Data Report - Return to Work

Description:  A complete record of all claims with a Return to Work plan for your agency.

Access level required:  Case Management Detail level access.

Export options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits:  This report enables you to run your own analysis and reporting to produce tailored reports to suit your requirements.

Parameters: This report is a data dump of all return to work records for the selected agency.

Fields Description
Surname Employee's surname.
Given Names Employee's first name.
Empl No A unique eight digit claim identification number allocated by Comcare Australia. for each claimant.
Suffix A two digit number identifying the claim sequence number i.e. if the claimant has had two previous claims then these last two digits of the claim number for their third claim would be 03.
Date of Birth Employee's date of birth.
Gender Employee's sex.
Date of Injury The date of injury i.e. the specific day on which the claimed injury occurred or a disease was first medically diagnosed.
Liable Customer Employer at date of injury.
Plan Id This code is assigned by Comcare to uniquely identify a RTWP. The first plan for a claim is always "A" and subsequent plans are assigned alphabetically.
Rehab Assessment Date The date the plan was assessed by the Service Provider.
Plan Start Work Status The working status of the employee at the time of RTWP creation. The valid values for this field are:
W - Wage and Salary earner
C - Ceased
M - Modified duties
R - Reduced hours
B - Both Modified duties and reduced hours
N - No Change
X - Off work
E - Employers and self-employed
O - Other
Plan Start Date RTWP start date as specified on the RTWP Form.
Date Plan Signed The day the plan was signed by the case manager and employee.
Comcare Receipt Date The date the RTWP form is received in Comcare.
Plan End Date RTWP end date as specified on the RTWP Form.
Plan Current Status Indicates current status of Comcare's agreement to the RTWP.  The valid values for this field are:
A - Acknowledge
D - Deleted
I - Ignore
N- Non-compliant
R - Review
W - Waiting
X - Closed at migration
Z - Rehab not required
Plan Closure Date The date the Closure Report is signed by the Case Manager.
Plan Closure Reason Code identifying the reason for closure of the RTWP.  The valid values for this field are:
A - Deceased
B - Back at Work
C - Rehab Authority (usually employer) cessation of program
D - Deferred
E - Employee withdrew from program or declined work
I - "R" and "N" status has not been changed to "A" so ignore
P - Provider Cessation of Involvement
R - Redundancy
T - Totally and permanently incapacitated for work
U - Partial incapacity - unable to place in suitable employment
V - Voluntary retirement
X - Closed at migration 19 May 1993
Z - Rehab not required
Expected RTW Date The date the injured employee is expected to return to work in any capacity ie. full time or reduced hours.
Actual RTW Date The date on which the employee commenced employment, as reported on the Closure Report, following a Rehabilitation Program.  This date is also for those employees who, while on a rehabilitation program, commence on a Graduated Return To Work.
Plan Estimated Cost The total estimated cost of the return to work plan as detailed at Part 2 of the RTWP form.
Plan Actual Cost RTWP costs to date.
Receipt Claim form in Comcare Receipt date of original claim form in Comcare.

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014