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48. Claims With Reconosiderations

Description: This report provides details of claims that have a reconsideration requested within the chosen period.

Access Level Required: Case Management Detail Level Access.

Export Options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits: This is a new report added to the suite of reports to allow agency users to monitor pending reconsiderations.

Parameters: This report represents claims that have a reconsideration requested within the specified period.

Fields Description
Name The name of the injured employee.
Claim Number The unique number that identifies a claim.
Claim Status The Open/Closed/Reopened status of the claim.
Date of Injury The date that claimants injury occurred.
Recon Received Date The date Comcare received the request to reconsider the claim.
Recon Decision Date The date Comcare determined the outcome of the reconsideration request.
Issue The end result of the reconsideration process.
Outcome Displays whether the original decision has been affirmed or not.

Page last updated: 17 Feb 2020