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49. Claims With AAT Case Decision

Description: This report provides the details of claims that have had AAT referrals within the chosen period.

Access Level Required: Case Management Detail Level Access.

Export Options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits: This is a new report that allows agencies to track pending AAT claim disputes.

Parameters: This report represents claims that have filed an AAT appeal within the specified period.

Fields Description
Employee Name The name of the injured employee.
Claim Number The unique number that identifies a claim.
AAT Notice Date The date the AAT was notified of the dispute.
S29 Received Date The date the initiator filed the dispute.
Recon Decision Date The date Comcare determined the outcome of the reconsideration request.
Initiator The party who filed the dispute.
Decision The end result of the AAT process.
Decision Date The date of the decision.

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014