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50. Top 50 Claims by Cost to Date

Description: This report provides a listing of claim details for the top 50 high cost claims to date with a date of injury in the specified period.

Access Level Required: Case Management Detail Level Access.

Export Options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits: This report can be used as a way of identifying priority claims for review. This allows agencies and case managers in particular, to focus on the key claims and maximise their case management strategies.

Parameters: This report represents the top 50 (by cost to date) accepted claims with a date of injury within the specified period.

Fields Description
Mechanism of Injury Major Group Refers to the classification groups within the Type of occurrence classification system.
Cost to date ($) The total of costs incurred on the claim as of yesterday.
Claim Number The unique number that identifies a claim.
Date of Injury The date that claimants injury occurred.
Employee Name The name of the injured employee.
Liable cost centre The number of the liable cost centre where the employee was injured. This can be cross referenced with report 22. Liable cost centres are supplied by the customer and the level of detail is dependant on the customers reporting needs.
Incapacity Weeks The total number of incapacity weeks accrued as of yesterday.
Claim Status The Open/Closed/Reopened status of the claim.

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014