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70. Incapacity Determinations

Description: This report is a statement of incapacity determinations made within a chosen period, allowing both individual daily reports as well as cumulative fortnightly reports. The report can be run for individual cost centres as well as all cost centres within the agency.

Access Level Required: Finance Level Access.

Export Options: .csv

Benefits: This report allows agencies to view new incapacity determinations, and changes to existing determinations. The report is especially useful for viewing incapacity determinations applicable to the current pay period.

Parameters: The report represents incapacity determinations made by Comcare within the specified period.

Fields Description
Cost Ctr No Payroll Cost Centre for the Employee.
Name Name of the Payroll Cost Centre.
Claim No Employee number and claim suffix against which the incapacity was paid.
Employee Name Name of the Employee with incapacity.
Cust Ref The payroll cost centre customer reference.
Payroll Code The employee's payroll code for the given claim, if entered on the claim.
Incap Det No Comcare's unique number assigned for the incapacity determination.
Lost Wks-HH:MM The number of incapacity weeks, hours and minutes, lost as a consequence of the incapacity.
Incap Status The status of the incapacity determination:
A  An incapacity accepted for payment
D  An unpaid incapacity that was deleted
R  An unpaid incapacity that was rejected
U  An incapacity was entered but not accepted (undetermined).

Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014