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74. Claims approaching 45 weeks incapacity

Description: This report provides a list of claims for an agency that are approaching 45 weeks of incapacity.

Access Level Required: Case Management Detail level access.

Export Options: .csv, .rtf, .pdf

Benefits: The claims listed within this report will have between 35 and 55 weeks of incapacity determined.  This will assist case managers with the identification and management of claims approaching and just passing 45 weeks of incapacity.

Parameters: This report represents claims that have had between 35 and 55 weeks of incapacity determined.


Field Description
Payroll Cost Centre No.
The unique number that identifies the payroll cost centre where the claim is currently registered.
Payroll Cost Centre name
Name of the reporting group that has been allocated to the claim. This is the business area or region the employee is currently aligned with. Payroll cost centres are supplied by the customer and the level of detail is dependant on the customers reporting needs.
Claim Number
The unique number that identifies a claim.
Employee Name
The name of the injured employee.
Incapacity Weeks
The total number of incapacity weeks accrued as of yesterday.
Page last updated: 20 Mar 2014