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Management Reports

The suite of management reports provides essential management information about claims experience, associated costs and the claim profile of claims with a date of injury within a specified date range. The reports are represented in list and graphical formats.

An agency can monitor performance trends and assist in the development of effective injury prevention and case management strategies for their agencies. The reports can be selected to compare performance across an agency, dependant on the Agency as cost centre structure within Comcare as management database.

Report Content and the Reporting Periods

Data within these reports is at the Management level of access only (no claim level detail). All reports provide a number of content and presentation options. For example, reports can usually provide data by:

  • All (whole of agency)
  • Cost Centre 
  • Cost Centre View (grouping of  cost centres created by Comcare on request) 
There is a number of reporting period options available for selection:
  • Financial year 
  • Calender year 
  • Other, as required

The number of reporting periods (years) available for selection varies between each report.
Note: the earliest reporting period available is 1 January 1998.

Important notes

Any claims with actual or potential Third Part Recovery action will reduce the future cost estimate (case estimate) for that claim, which will in turn reduce the total cost of that claim. The Third Party Recovery part of the future cost estimate calculations takes into consideration such things such as the likelihood of successfully gaining a recovery and the likely future size of that recovery. Please bear this in mind when reading reports which include future cost estimate data.

It is important to note when looking at data for any given Date of Injury period there may be a percentage of injuries incurred by employees that have not yet been reported to Comcare, and will therefore not be included in reports. This is especially true of reports run for recent Date of Injury periods. CIS only reports on accepted claims, there it is useful to refer to your agency as OH&S incident reporting records when trying to gauge an overall picture of your agencies injury history and performance.

Page last updated: 11 Apr 2014