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Comcare offers several options for assistance with CIS. Help options include; - phone support, a comprehensive guidebook to reporting, how to guides and FAQ's.

A dedicated team is available through Comcare's national phone line 1300 366 979 or by email -

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a report?

See the following:

How do I view a claim?

See the following:

How do I manage cost centre restrictions?

See the following:

How do I manage my preferences?

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How do I reset Internet Explorer browser cache?

Which browsers will work with the system?

The system requires a browser that supports 128 bit SSL for secure communication. It has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 and above, Mozilla Firefox version 25, Chrome version 34, and Safari version 5 (all in the Microsoft Windows environment). Although other browsers/platforms may also work they have not been tested, and as such are not supported.

What file formats can I use to export reports?

Each report has 1 or more formats that it can be exported in - CIS uses .csv, .pdf, and .rtf. You can check which format is available in the report itself, or you can check the relevant report page in the main help file.

How do I copy data into Excel or Word?

All charts and tables can be easily copied into word processing, spreadsheets or presentation packages. Some formatting of headers may be required.
Tables and Headers: Select the text you want to copy (click and drag), click the right mouse button and select âcopyâ. Place the cursor inside the document you want to paste the data into and paste as usual. Data will copy as a table into a word processing document or into cells of a spreadsheet which can then be sorted to meet the users requirements.
Charts: Right mouse click on the chart, select 'copy' Place the cursor inside the document you want to paste the data into and paste as usual. Data will copy as a picture.
Remember to also take note of the "as at" information at the bottom of all CIS reports as well, so that you know the currency of the data.

Why does my password expire?

For privacy and security reasons, all CIS passwords expire after 90 days. You will see a message on the screen letting you know how long you have left on your password - once it expires, you will have to change your password to keep using CIS.

What characteristics should a password have?

A password must be a minimum of 8 characters; it must contain at least 2 special or numeric characters; it must not be the same as or contain your user name; and it must not be the same as any password you have used in the last 12 months. For further information on passwords see Security

What reports does Comcare recommend?

The available reports in CIS provide a large range of information to assist you and your agency with the monitoring and management of your injury management and claims performance.
You can refer to the help documentation for details on what each of the reports can provide, and you can also contact the CIS Helpdesk for assistance with determining which report is the most appropriate for you.

Why am I not seeing all the claims I would expect to see on my reports?

If your agency has requested cost centre restriction, you may not be attached to the correct cost centres. You can contact your Agency CIS Administrator for information on which cost centres you can (or can't) access.

Who is my Agency CIS Administrator?

To find out who your Agency CIS Administrator is, you can contact the Comcare CIS helpdesk on 1300 366 979.

Page last updated: 14 Mar 2017