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Medical certificates

When claiming for workers' compensation an employee must submit medical evidence in order for Comcare to consider liability for medical treatment and incapacity payments, as well as determine an injured employee’s capacity to undertake rehabilitation. Medical evidence is usually in the form of a medical certificate completed by a legally qualified medical practitioner.

Comcare's preferred medical certificate is the Certificate of Capacity that, when fully completed, fulfills the legal requirements under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (the SRC Act). We recommend using this form, but it is not mandatory. For practical purposes, Comcare accepts fully completed state workcover medical certificates as fulfilling the medical certificate requirement.

Information on a medical certificate

To help Comcare process an injured employee’s claim, a medical certificate should:

  • be original
  • contain employee details
  • state the precise diagnosis
  • contain a review date (not open-ended)
  • list the treatment required in relation to the compensable condition
  • be signed by the legally qualified medical practitioner who examined the employee.

Medical certificates from providers who are not legally qualified

An injured employee is not required to provide a medical certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner where an employee is claiming solely for medical treatment provided by:

  • an occupational therapist
  • a chiropractor
  • a dentist
  • an optometrist, or
  • physiotherapist or massage therapist.

A certificate from the healthcare provider stating a precise diagnosis for the condition will be sufficient.

If an employee then wants to claim for incapacity payments, they must visit a legally qualified medical practitioner. The injured employee will need to provide the required medical certificate and the medical practitioner will need to describe how the employee’s current condition is related to their employment.

Payment of certificate fees

Comcare will only pay for an initial (first visit) certificate fee in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. All other states incorporate the cost of certificates into their fee structures.

Page last updated: 01 Jun 2017