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Medical practitioner fees and reimbursements

Comcare has established fee schedules that guide the amount we will reimburse for medical treatment and other services. Medical practitioner rates are reviewed and updated, as required.

Medical practitioner rates

For medical practitioner rates Comcare has adopted the list of services and fees published by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

A list of AMA rates can be purchased by the Australian Medical Association website.

Note. GST rebates cannot be claimed for medical services, but can be claimed for medical reports or case conferences. Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website which provides guidelines as to the reasons why medical services are exempt but other services are not.

Reimbursement for return to work (RTW) case conferencing

Reimbursement for GP participation in a RTW case conference is paid as per AMA rates. Please use this information on what to include on your invoice and where to send it at Comcare.

Page last updated: 31 Oct 2016