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When an employee sustains a work-related injury and submits a claim for workers' compensation, employers are required to:

  • Make all reasonably practicable changes to the workplace to minimise the chance of further injuries or accidents.
  • Assess an injured employee's needs and direct them to the necessary and appropriate support and assistance.
  • Provide an injured employee with information about Comcare's services, including providing all the relevant forms and advice about processes and procedures.
  • Provide Comcare with accurate, timely and complete information about any claim.
  • Maintain confidentiality in relation to any claim.
  • Inform injured employees of their rights and responsibilities concerning any claim.
  • Provide relevant information to assist in deciding claims.

Submitting employer statements

Comcare requires information to be submitted by an employer when deciding a claim for workers' compensation. Information can be provided in the form of an employer statement. Comcare has developed a guide to submission of employer statements to help employers put together information relevant to an injured employee's claim for compensation.

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Page last updated: 21 Jan 2015