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2018 National WHS Forums

The 2018 National Work Health and Safety (WHS) forum program built on Comcare's commitment of working together with our jurisdiction for safer and healthier workplaces. The Forums provided an opportunity for Comcare and WHS regulated stakeholders to engage and build relationships, and for attendees to gain insight into a range of WHS and Comcare related information.

The forum program included:

  • A Comcare scheme and jurisdictional update
  • National/regional inspectorate update
  • Risk perception and behavioural insights
  • Safety culture and leadership
  • Comcare feedback session

Forum Presentations and Materials

Please find below a number of relevant resources for your use, including the forum presentation slides.

Comcare overview and regional update

Comcare and regulatory overview - WHS forum presentation slides

Comcare: Supporting your workers during times of change

Good work design - Safe Work Australia

Workplace Safety Futures – report by CSIRO's Data61

Tomorrow's digitally enabled workforce – report by CSIRO's Data61

BeUpstanding – A free toolkit for getting your workplace to stand up, sit less and move more

Safe Work Australia Virtual Seminar – Future of Work Health and Safety

Fatigue management

Comcare: Driver fatigue

Safe Work Australia: Fatigue

Safe Work Australia: Fatigue management – a worker’s guide

Safe Work Australia: Guide for managing the risk of fatigue at work

Contractor management

Comcare face to face training: Contractor management

Comcare fact sheet: Contractors in the Commonwealth

Comcare guide: Contractors and subcontractors under the WHS Act 2011

Remote workers

Comcare: Guide to remote or isolated work

Work Safe NT: Guide to remote or isolated work

Managing remote teams

Mind tools – Working in a virtual team

Behavioural insights

Behavioural insights - WHS forum presentation slides

Comcare face to face training: Influencing behaviour to achieve a positive safety culture

Linkedin article: What Safety Can Teach us about Unconscious Bias

System 1 and 2 Thinking - short summary [Video]

Thinking fast and slow - overview [Video]

Daniel Kahneman: The trouble with confidence [Video]

NSW Premier and Cabinet - Behavioural Insights

Behavioural Economics - Prime Minister and Cabinet

EAST framework for applying Behavioural Insights - UK Government

Leadership and culture

Safety culture through leadership - WHS forum presentation slides

Comcare: Work Health and Safety Culture

Comcare: Mentally healthy workplaces

Safe Work Australia: Safety culture and leadership by Professor Patrick Hudson

Safe Work QLD: Safety Leadership

Safe Work QLD: Safety climate and safety culture

Sidney Dekker: Safety Differently - 4 minute [Video]

Sidney Dekker: Safety Differently - full movie [Video]

Art of work: Safety Differently

Safety Differently

Ernst and Young: The future of health and safety – Moving beyond zero

Page last updated: 27 Jun 2018