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2017 Comcare NSW WHS Networking and Information Forums

Comcare's NSW Connect 2017 initiative in Northern NSW brought together Inspectors in regional locations to share WHS information and innovation in a workshop on common WHS hazards.


The forums ran a workshop format focusing on two main hazard areas.

Psychosocial hazard management
Healthy at work—good work is good
for you!

Unpacking what psychosocial risk assessment means in the context of day to day people management.

This session explored:

  • What to look for when managing teams, organisational change, challenging behaviours and work place conflict.
  • What is “reasonably practicable” to comply with the WHS Act.
  • What does the regulator look for when reviewing psychosocial risks.
  • Where can you get advice or assistance?

Good work is generally good for mental and physical health and wellbeing, and even recovery from illness.

This session explored:

  • How can workplaces keep people healthy and
  • The aging workforce—how can workplaces support
    older workers to help them sustain productive
    working lives and continue to contribute to the
  • Case studies on promoting health as a risk
    management strategy.
  • Where can you get advice or assistance?
Page last updated: 19 Jan 2018