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Transcript - video 6 Engagement and learning

MS TURNER: Look, I think as we've got an ageing population we need to get the best contribution we can from all people in society, and it's interesting most of the people I meet who are older are still really keen to contribute to the workforce and to the productivity of the country, but many of them find it really hard to find ways that they can do that, and I think we've really got to look at that and see how we can deal with that.

THE HON. S. RYAN: We do find that those companies that are successfully using - - keeping their older workers longer or even re-hiring older workers do consult the older employees and say, well, what is it that you need. That person may need some retraining, particularly in the IT area where change is so constant. They may want some flexibility in their hours. That could be because they're looking after an aged parent, and they need to help that aged parent to attend medical appointments and things of that kind, so a bit of flexibility perhaps. They may want a job redesigned so that they're not in one of those fantastic 24/7 jobs but they're in a more manageable project oriented job. Most of them really like to mentor younger workers and I think an opportunity to do that is - - gives them a whole boost in terms of how they feel about work. So, there are things that employers can do and they can do that in consultation with their employees. They're not hugely difficult things to do and there are some good role models around.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020
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