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Transcript - video 5 Front line confidence

MS ROLLAND: Well, a good manager is someone who really understands the individuals and their team and manages those individuals effectively.  That's at the, you know, sort of local people leader level.  At a higher in business a good manager understands the people dynamics of their business and makes sure that their local level leaders are well equipped and capable to manage people on a day-to-day basis.  
So, a good manager, you know, understands the principles of diversity, understands the values of diversity in the workplace, whether that be gender, ethnicity or age.  A good manager has, you know, fundamental capability in day-to-day management of people and applies the principles of management.

MS HACKITT:  Well, what I'm absolutely sure of is that the things that make for good safety management; also make for good health management, and the key to it all is good people management. There's far too many businesses today I think who try and manage through checklists and systems that are all paper-based and ticking boxes. When you forget that running a business means having relationships with the people who work for you and treating them as human beings, that's when health and safety goes to pieces.  When you value the individuals and the human beings, it all works.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020
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