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Transcript - video 4 Health and wellbeing

MS HACKITT: Good work is good for people.

MS ROLLAND: I'm one of the ones in the camp that believes that work is good for you, and good work is good for you. That, you  know, not all work is good for you; good work is good for you. Well, good work is—I guess balances those elements across, you know, the workability model that it does, you know, pay attention to both your physical and mental health. It provides an environment that protects both. It does develop you and make sure that your competencies are well aligned to the demands of the job. It is about, you know, the values alignment, and it is about the jobs being structured in the right way and having the right leadership and also having time for family, friends and community. So, good work balances all those things.

We know that, you know, things change as you get older, but we also know that the research shows us quite categorically that we manage to adjust the way we work very successfully in most cases, so many of the things that change with age such as, you know, some changes to acuity of memory, to, you know, our physical mobility, to eyesight, to hearing, that we do adjust the way we work around those things but workplaces also need to adjust to compensate for some of those changes with age.

We also know that, you know, the things—the health risks for younger people generally are different to the health risks for older people, so we also need to be making sure that, you know, our people leaders understand the relationship between health and life and career stage.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020
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