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Transcript - video 3 Work design

PROFESSOR IIMARINEN: We are growing older as a society, and the question is can we afford to be growing older. So we need better and longer work lives. So, there's no other possibilities. Everything well-being for us comes through work, so therefore we have to focus making the work life so that it fits better for the human beings, and it's a quite challenging situation because when we are growing older everything is changing, but in the work life, work life doesn't change in that direction where people are ageing. And therefore, we see there are problems—because we are growing in two different tracks and we have to bring these two tracks closer together, and now the big issue is what should be changed? Is it the human beings or is it the work?

So, we cannot change the human ageing process. It takes a couple of thousand years to make a change, but we can change the work life. So therefore our mission, our concept is saying that let's make the worklife better for the people.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020
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