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Transcript - video 2 Workforce planning and development

MS ROLLAND:  I  often say to people we live in remarkable times, and we are going through the  most profound demographic change that’s ever been experienced in the history of  mankind, and it's often that case that when you're in a period of change it's  very hard to observe it and to forecast the implications of that change.  But, we know that over the next 10 years  we're going to lose a significant proportion of our working age population to  retirement. We know that we have inadequate numbers of young people coming through  our population to replace.  That has all  sorts of implications around our requirements in relation to migration, in  relation to sustaining population growth.   And our economy is really predicated on continuing population growth and  continuing growth of the working aged population in particular. So, unless we  sustain that growth it has implications for all of us because it will  compromise our GDP and a compromised GDP translates to lower quality of living  for all of us. 

THE HON. SUSAN RYAN:   If you have people in the team, each bringing their different  perspective, a different experience, you combine, you get a better  outcome.  Now, what we have to do is make  sure that these age—different aged teams in the Australian public service  and elsewhere can incorporate the older member as well as the younger member  and the person at the middle stage of their career.  But it's possible, and it's certainly  desirable.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2020
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