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Airservices Australia experience improvements with Comcare's online forms

Airservices Australia started using the online claim form, the Claim for Time Off Work and the Normal Weekly Earnings form late last year and they never want to go back to paper forms again.

Staff working in payroll and with rehabilitation cases within Airservices reported significant timeliness and service improvements to their senior management since using Comcare’s new online forms.

“They are very intuitive and easy to use,” an Airservices team member told Comcare. “We’ve been able to set a realistic target of having all our claims to Comcare within five working days. This target wouldn’t have been possible before the online forms were available.”

Airservices reported that the online forms make it easy for their employees, based in airports all over Australia, to lodge a claim 24/7.

“Our staff work rostered shift work and now they don’t need to lodge a claim during business hours. It also makes it so much easier for us to process as well, we can get our employees what they are entitled and minimise any impacts on their regular pay,” said an Airservices team member.

“The main benefit for us is the ability to track the claim or form once it has been lodged by the employee.”

The team member added, “with printed forms you had to put them in the post and you weren’t sure how long it would take for the form to arrive; especially to some remote locations like Darwin or Port Hedland. When we received the form back, additional information or a supervisor’s signature was sometimes missing, and then we had to send it off again to get that done before we could send it on to Comcare. You can imagine the difference it makes being able to digitally track it, process it much more quickly and get our staff paid their entitlements. We’ve also been able to streamline our process flow by removing double handling of the form and the need for the supervisor’s signature has also saved us more time.”

Other benefits have been experienced through the use of the Normal Weekly Earnings (NWE) form online.

“We had some problems with the delays in advising Comcare of our employee normal weekly earnings when they received a pay increase during a pay period. The NWE pay rates didn’t flow through to our employee’s compensation payments until we could notify Comcare using the paper form,” said Airservices.

“What happens now is that we can update the normal weekly earnings for our staff much more quickly using the online NWE form. We’re able to keep Comcare updated regularly and our staff get their correct entitlements the first time. It means that a lot of the duplication we were doing with repayments and top ups to pays don’t happen in the first place. This means we are able to avoid re-work and make better use of our time thanks to the online forms,” Airservices said.

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Page last updated: 22 Feb 2019