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Comcare's online forms

Comcare is committed to finding ways to improve our interactions with agencies and that is why we are enhancing our online services.

Premium paying agencies and their employees can now do more business with Comcare online. Comcare’s online forms are secure, easy to use and are processed faster.

The online form rollout to over 200 agencies commenced in January 2017 and now includes four online Comcare forms:

  1. FTE Payroll Data Collection form
  2. Online Workers’ Compensation Claim form
  3. Electronic Claim for Time Off Work (eCTOW) form
  4. Electronic Normal Weekly Earnings (NWE) form

How does this benefit you?

Using Comcare’s online forms:

  • gives you greater confidence that all relevant information has been provided and that Comcare has received your information
  • reduces your time spent printing paper forms and manually completing them
  • provides an improved focus on helping employees to return to work and improving Early Intervention efforts rather than doing paperwork
  • has flow on effects to help reduce premiums through faster processing and a reduction in delays.

Forms are available 24 hours a day at

For more information

We are confident that our new online processes will better support your agency. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact


Page last updated: 03 Apr 2017