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Reviewing and improving the reconsideration process

Comcare is transforming the way it manages dispute resolution. From Monday, 21 December 2015, improvements to provide timely resolution of reconsiderations whilst maintaining robust, quality decisions have been implemented.

Through improving Comcare's efficiency in the reconsideration process, we are supporting employees and employers to achieve faster recovery and return to work. Timely disputation resolution facilitates employees returning to good health and productivity sooner.

Improvements to the reconsideration process include:

  • Streamlined reconsideration workflows to ensure faster reviewable decisions, reducing the time spent in disputation to better connect the employee and the workplace, and increase the focus on recovery and sustainable return to work.
  • Promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution processes such as addressing an issue through conversation, thorough explanation or informal mechanisms and facilitate faster decision making by Comcare.
  • Reduced notification timeframes by streamlining Comcare's internal processes to ensure prompt notification and acknowledgement of a reconsideration request.
  • Ensuring stakeholders provide all necessary evidence at the time of requesting a reconsideration and eliminating the need for Comcare to chase stakeholders for evidence.
  • Refined application of natural justice, the responding party has an opportunity to consider new information and respond after the requestor has presented evidence.

How does this affect me?

The reconsideration function is an independent internal review process available to employees and employers who disagree with a workers' compensation claim determination made by Comcare.

The most significant improvement for employees and employers is on providing upfront supporting evidence with a request for reconsideration. This ensures that the review officer has all relevant evidence before them at the time of submission and reduces the time for a reconsideration to be completed.

Reconsideration requests should be accompanied by a reconsideration request form. This assists Comcare to identify the correspondence as a formal request for reconsideration and immediately start the reconsideration process.

More information

More information and updated forms are available on Reconsiderations and reviews page.


Page last updated: 21 Jan 2016