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Virtual Office launched

Comcare is pleased to launch our re-designed Virtual Office. The Virtual Office has been available on the Comcare website for over 10 years and is consistently used as an education tool across the scheme.

What is Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office is a web-based risk management tool designed to help you identify hazards and control risks in the office environment.

Virtual Office uses a cross section of typical rooms found in an office environment and where appropriate, provides links to relevant publications, guidance material and legislation.

The rooms within the Virtual Office contain objects and information about many of the associated hazards and harms that those objects could potentially create.

What are the new and improved features?

The new Virtual Office is very different to previous versions with features including:

  • an illustrated design to keep up to date with technological change
  • bold colouring to draw visual attention to areas of importance
  • new icons to represent harms and hazards
  • mobile friendly design compatible with several platforms
  • information targeted to Workers and employers.

An additional feature of the re-designed Virtual Office is the ability to look at the hazards associated with a particular work role.

How can you use Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office should be used as a key resource and educational tool within your workplace. It is designed to assist your organisation in:

  • developing and reviewing your health and safety policies
  • inducting new workers into the risk identification process specific to your workplace
  • developing practical solutions for applying the risk management principles of the Work Health and Safety Code of Practice 2011 (Cth) – How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks
  • preparing for specific guidance on common objects or hazards found in the workplace.

The re-designed Virtual Office is the first stage in a process of creating a range of virtual workplaces that identify many of the risks associated with work environments in our jurisdiction.

Download the Virtual Office fact sheet to share with your colleagues.


Page last updated: 23 Oct 2017