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Taking a stand on body stressing in the workplace

This week, as part of National Safe Work Month, we’re focusing on body stressors and how to avoid injury while at work. Typical body stressors are often manual handling such as lifting, holding, carrying in the workplace, but can also include working in awkward postures or repetitive work like overtyping or assembly.

We recently had Associate Professor Genevieve Healy, University of Queensland and lead investigator at BeUpstanding, to present her research findings about sedentary workplaces and how physical movement improves health. We’ve made her presentation available, which you can download and use as part of your National Safe Work Month event.

The team at BeUpstanding have created an online toolkit to ‘raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a dynamic workplace where sitting less and moving more is the norm.’ Be a Safety Champion this month by encouraging your workplace to stand up, sit less and move more.

It is important to recognise that stressors on the body aren’t just physical, and mental stresses can cause injury or illness in the work place. The psychosocial factors that affect us include:

  • High demanding or mundane work
  • Lack of managerial or social support
  • Dissatisfaction with work
  • Lack of recognition

You can read more about the psychosocial factors, so you can be the safety champion in your workplace and put in place good practice.

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Page last updated: 17 Feb 2020