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Update on new claims service options for eligible agencies  - 12 Sep 2018

Comcare is introducing new claims service options for some agencies in the Comcare scheme, specifically non-corporate Commonwealth entities. This follows the Government’s announcement in September 2017 and involves eligible agencies playing a greater role in managing their workers’ compensation claims.

Review of Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers  - 09 Jul 2018

The Heads of Workers’ Compensation Authorities released a Discussion Paper on the review of the Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for workplace rehabilitation providers (NCAF).

Prosecution after army recruits injured in training  - 28 Jun 2018

The Department of Defence has been charged with breaching federal work health and safety laws after two army recruits suffered severe electric shocks during a training exercise in Victoria.

Workplace rehabilitation provider travel service code  - 20 Jun 2018

Comcare has a new rehabilitation service code (94) for workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) travel only. Code 94 is to be used by WRPs engaged by a premium paying agency in the Comcare scheme.

Safe Work Australia publishes national guidance on work-related psychological health and safety  - 20 Jun 2018

For employers and employees, the guide describes how to build a psychologically healthy and safe workplace by identifying, assessing and controlling risks to employees’ mental health.

Nominate now for the 2018 Comcare Work Health and Safety Awards  - 18 Apr 2018

Nominations are open for the 2018 Comcare Work Health and Safety Awards.

The biennial Awards recognise excellence and showcase achievements and leadership in workplace health and safety, recovery at and return to work.

Comcare Scheme—Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2016–17  - 18 Apr 2018

The Comcare Scheme—Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2016–17 has been released with data to June 2017. The publication presents an overview of the Comcare scheme and includes statistical data on the scheme's workers' compensation performance.

Comparative claim incidence rates   - 18 Apr 2018

You can now view information showing the incidence of claims accepted, claims received, and claims with one week or more of incapacity for employers with more than 500 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees for 2016–17. The table includes comparisons to last year’s data and figures from Comcare’s self-insured licensees.

2018 Comcare National Conference – Call for Abstracts  - 09 Apr 2018

Abstract submissions are open until Friday 13 April for those interested in presenting at the 2018 Comcare National Conference in Melbourne.

Review of the model work health and safety laws   - 15 Mar 2018

Comcare encourages interested parties to participate in the review of the model work health and safety laws.

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