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Safety Alerts

Alert 18 - Asbestos in Bunsen Burner Gauze Mats  - 07 Dec 2018

This alert highlights the risk of exposure to asbestos in bunsen burner gauze mats.

Alert 17 - Angle Grinders  - 08 Apr 2016

This alert highlight the risks associated with removing guards and using incorrect discs on angle grinders.

Alert 16 - Falling objects  - 22 Sep 2015

This alert is to highlight the importance of managing the risk to health and safety of falling objects.

Alert 15 - Towing trailers using plant not designed to tow, and trailer landing leg safety  - 26 Sep 2014

This alert highlights the potential risks when releasing the brakes of a trailer when it is not connected to a prime mover, towing a trailer with plant that is not designed to tow, and designing and using landing legs.

Alert 14 - Safety Recall: Polaris Ranger 500  - 03 Mar 2014

This Alert concerns the risk of injury due to an engineering characteristic of specific plant that may be in use.

Alert 13 - Stability of buildings and structures  - 01 Oct 2013

This alert is to advise of the importance of ensuring wall stability of buildings and structures, including during construction, demolition or refurbishment works.

Alert 12 - Swing stage scaffold—use of girder trolleys  - 30 Aug 2012

This alert is to advise of a potential risk with the use of girder trolleys on swing stage scaffold.

Alert 11 - Haulotte Services®—Jib linkage inspection  - 21 Aug 2012

This alert is to advise of a progressive component failure of a jib link requiring inspection.

Alert 10 - The Operation of a Water Jet Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat and Boat Safety Equipment  - 02 Feb 2012

This alert is to advise potential users of Water Jet Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats of safety issues arising from incidents within the Comcare jurisdiction.

Alert 9 - Methyl Bromide-Toxic Fumigant In Cargo Containers  - 17 Oct 2011

The purpose of this Alert is to notify the potential for federal workers, contractors or third parties to be exposed to Methyl Bromide, based on recent information obtained within the Comcare jurisdiction.

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Page last updated: 21 Mar 2016