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Alert 11 - Haulotte Services®—Jib linkage inspection

This alert is to advise of a progressive component failure of a jib link requiring inspection.


Haulotte Services® have identified a progressive component failure that was either missed or ignored during the routine inspection process set out in the manual supplied with the product.

Models affected:

  • H16TPX/HB44J
  • HA120PX
  • HA12IP/HA33JE
  • HA15IP/HA43JE
  • HA16PE
  • HA16PX/HA46JRT
  • HA18PX/HA51JRT

Part affected:

  • Jib linkage 138P236920

Safety issues

As with products of this type, it is possible to subject the jib/link to high shock loads via contact with fixed objects or the like. In the event that the operator/owner has a suspicion that such a contact has taken place, the whole mechanism from the link back to the basket must be carefully inspected with particular attention being paid to the jib link, including the metal casting linkage that could crack. As a matter of normal precaution, it is recommended that the link should be checked during the routine inspection.

Control measures

In the event that a jib linkage is found to be damaged, the machine should be put out of service and the link replaced without delay, before using the machine again.

Further information

Please contact Haulotte Services® for further information and assistance in carrying out the inspections and part replacements as necessary.

Please note that any incident must immediately be reported to the Safety Department at the following email address:


Page last updated: 04 Nov 2013