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Alert 7 - Risk of electric shock from TECFRIGO salad bars

Employers using refrigerated salad bars in the workplace should be aware of the maintenance required to ensure their employees are not exposed to any unnecessary risk.

On March 20, a person working at a federal government workplace received an electric shock when they were cleaning a TECFRIGO salad bar (Model ISOLA6). A licensed electrician has since identified that a manufacturing fault in parts of the salad bar was the cause of a live electrical conductor.

The TECFRIGO salad bar has a canopy that is raised and lowered by a small motor. The canopy is fitted with a 240V fluorescent light tube and power to the light fitting is supplied by electrical cables in hollow metal extension rods. The metal rods facilitate the movement of the salad bar canopy.

In this case, the insulation surrounding the electrical cable in the salad bar wore over time. This resulted in live electrical cables making contact with the inside of the metal extension rods. As the metal rods are not fitted with an electrical ‘earth’, they became a live electrical conductor of 240V.

Who is affected?

Anyone using a TECFRIGO salad bar.


  • If employers use this model of salad bar, it should be removed from service immediately and inspected by a licensed electrician.
  • The electrician should inspect the insulation integrity of the 240V cable supplying power to the salad bar canopy light fitting.
  • Appropriate engineering controls should be implemented to eliminate the potential of canopy extension rods becoming live electrical conductors of 240V.

More information

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Page last updated: 04 Nov 2013