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Alert 4 - Slag pot dislodgement on a Slag Pot Carrier

Comcare has received a confirmed report of a slag pot dislodging from a Slag Pot Carrier while tipping 38 tonnes of molten slag.

A pot lock safety system on the Slag Pot Carrier did not operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications which allowed the pot to tip without the Slag Pot Carrier locking mechanism being engaged. The pot lock safety system did not operate because an interlock valve remained open.

Specific hazard and risks

  • The uncontrolled release of molten slag during a slag pot dislodgement could result in individuals coming into contact with molten slag.
  • The extreme heat of the molten slag represents a significant risk to safety.

Action required by slag pot carrier operators

  • Identify any Slag Pot Carriers under their control.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the Slag Pot Carrier to ensure all modifications and improvements are in place to prevent slag pot dislodgement.
  • Take all reasonably practical steps to control the risk to employees, contractors, and third parties from a slag pot being dislodged from a Slag Pot Carrier.

For further information

  • Call Comcare on 1300 366 979 and ask to be put through to the OHS help desk.

Page last updated: 17 Sep 2014