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Hazard, Risk and Remedy information herein adapted from Safe Work Australia material.

Facilities in the context of managing Work, Health and Safety (WHS) risks in the Commonwealth jurisdiction applies to managing and maintaining a physical work environment to workplaces covered by the WHS Act.

This includes the physical work environment such as workspace, lighting and ventilation; facilities for workers including toilets, drinking water, washing and dining areas, change rooms, personal storage and shelter; remote and isolated work as well as the management of emergency plans are included within these responsibilities.

Additional responsibilities exist for ‘Major Hazard’ Facilities (MHF) which is outlined separately (MHF defines locations such as; oil refineries, fuel and chemical storage sites and workplaces where large quantities of hazardous material are stored, handled or processed).


Numerous risks occur within the physical working environment and the management factors governing it. These broadly apply, but aren’t limited to the nature of work being undertaken, the size, location and nature of the workplace as well as the number and composition of the workforce within the facility. With respect to the nature of work the risks are dependent on numerous factors. Some considerations include; whether the work involves exposure to infectious material or contaminants, whether workers need to change their clothes, whether work itself is mostly conducted seated or standing, whether the work is sedentary or physically active and whether the work is done in shifts.


Given the broad range of risks associated with managing workplace facilities the best way to control these risks is using an approved hazard identification and risk management strategy (see resources section) in conjunction with professional WHS legal and regulatory advice.


Information SourceContents
Code of Practice - How to Manage Work Health and Safety RisksThis code provides practical guidance for persons who have duties under the WHS Act and Regulations to manage risks to health and safety.
Code of Practice – Managing the Work Environment and FacilitiesCode of Practice on managing risks specifically associated with the Work Environment and Facilities. Please note this is guidance only and not a legislative instrument.
Code of Practice – First Aid in the WorkplaceCode of practice on managing risks and regulatory obligations involving the provision of first aid.
Comcare - Call Centres - A guide to safe workA guide to managing health and safety risks in call centre environments


Information sourceWhat it contains
Incident notification - Part 3, Section 35 to 37 of the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011The legislative requirements for incident notification to Comcare
Comcare - Guide to incident notificationHelps you decide whether you need to notify Comcare of an injury, illness or dangerous incident under the WHS Act
Page last updated: 31 Mar 2016