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Travel risk

No travel event is without risk.

Workers deployed overseas can face risks which can be magnified in an overseas environment or face new risks not common in Australia.


Risk in international countries will be environment dependant.

The only way to be sure you are not walking into a dangerous situation is to conduct a hazard identification and risk assessment prior to leaving Australia and again in country when conditions or assumptions alter to those you conducted you risk assessment under.

The level of risk planning may be scaled to the assessed risk of the mode, purpose and destination of travel. If travelling to a destination assessed as low risk, a less comprehensive assessment may substitute provided due consideration is given to emergency management. If something does happen to workers while overseas organisations must be prepared to respond.


Dependant on the context and conditions, but may include for example:

  • identify any threats relating to the travel
  • evaluate these threats in consideration of the traveller's profile
  • set an acceptable level of risk relating to the intended travel
  • implement strategies to reduce the level of risk while monitoring for any changes in threats or a breakdown in the mitigation strategy


The links to information are provided under the categories of applying the WHS Laws, contractors and volunteers, incident notification, site preservation and investigations, officer responsibilities, risk management, as well as external sources of information.

Information SourceContents
Code of Practice - How to Manage Work Health and Safety RisksThis code provides practical guidance for persons who have duties under the WHS Act and Regulations to manage risks to health and safety
Comcare - Overseas workers – how should I identify and manage the risks? (WHS 084)Risk management guidance for overseas workers
Comcare - WHS Personal Safety Awareness When TravellingPersonal safety information sheet for travelling workers
Comcare - WHS Deep Vein ThrombosisDeep Vein Thrombosis factsheet
Comcare - Travel risk assessmentRisk assessment for use prior to travelling
Comcare - Vaccinations for travelling fact sheetFact sheet with information regarding vaccinations
Comcare - My travel tips (OHS 81)Guide to managing travel-related risks
Comcare - The WHS Act and Contractors in the CommonwealthInformation guide for responsibilities relating to the management of contractors
Comcare - WHS Contractors and Subcontractors under the WHS ActInformation guide for responsibilities relating to the management of contractors and sub-contractors
Comcare - WHS Volunteer and Volunteer Organisations under the WHS ActInformation guide for the management of volunteers under the WHS Act
Smart Traveller WebsiteGeneral travel information
Comcare - International deployment – repatriation fact sheetInformation regarding the repatriation of workers following travel activities


Information sourceWhat it contains
Incident notification - Part 3, Section 35 to 37 of the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011The legislative requirements for incident notification to Comcare
Comcare - Guide to incident notificationHelps you decide whether you need to notify Comcare of an injury, illness or dangerous incident under the WHS Act
Page last updated: 10 May 2019