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Work Health and Safety Reviews

Comcare’s Review Team independently reviews some decisions made by Comcare Inspectors and Officers. Examples of decisions that can be reviewed include:

  • The decision of a Comcare Inspector to issue an Improvement Notice
  • The decision of a Comcare Inspector to cancel a Provisional Improvement Notice
  • The decision of a Comcare Officer to cancel a WHS licence

The Internal Review service is free however you will need to cover any costs if you choose to ask a solicitor or another person to assist you in preparing your Application for Internal Review

For more detailed information regarding the Internal Review process, including which decisions are reviewable and who can apply, please refer to the Comcare Guide for Applicants.

If your request does not relate to a decision that is reviewable under the provisions of the WHS Act, the matter may be dealt with by Comcare as part of its general review model. For further information on how Comcare’s review mechanisms interact please see Schedule 8 of Comcare’s Regulation Policy.

How do I apply for an Internal Review?

Applications for Internal Review need to be submitted (in most cases) within fourteen days of receiving the initial decision. Please see the Internal Reviews Application form or contact the Reviews team at Comcare on 1300 366 979 for assistance.

What if I don’t agree with the Internal Review?

The WHS Act provides for a further level of Review via the Fair Work Commission or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. For information regarding External Review of WHS decisions please see the Comcare Guide for External Review.

Page last updated: 17 Feb 2020