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Supporting health, performance and productivity

Health, performance and productivity are closely linked. A positive work environment that promotes health and wellbeing is fundamental for building individual and organisational health and makes good business sense1. Good work that matches a workers’ capacity and capability will help people to participate and thrive in work.

Getting work health and safety right delivers greater productivity, improves employment participation and supports ability to work.

Performance management

Performance management is not just dealing with poor performance but it is about encouraging success, providing employees with a sense of organisational purpose, role clarity, matching skills to the work and balancing the demands of the work with appropriate levels of control and resources.

Clear expectations of roles, responsibilities, provision of support as well as regular informal feedback on performance, help to create good relationships and a healthy performance management culture.

When managing underperformance, it is important to ensure it is reasonable administrative action and there are no surprises in a performance appraisal. Learn more about dealing with conflict and reasonable management action for underperformance.

Ill health and performance – focus on supporting ability to work

Sometimes performance is not at the usual standard when a person is unwell or managing a personal issue (for example ill health, illness in the family, bereavement or other personal crisis). A decline in performance can be an early warning sign of a decline in health, including mental health.

People with chronic conditions who are good performers sometimes need time away from work to manage their health condition. Workplaces have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to eliminate and minimise barriers which may exist for the worker to perform the job.



‘As One- Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work’

Page last updated: 23 Aug 2017