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Better practice - Certificate of Capacity

The Certificate of Capacity is a key communication tool in the return to good work process.

Medical practitioners complete the Certificate of Capacity with a focus on what the employee with a workplace injury or disease can do, rather than what they can’t do.

An employee with a workplace injury or disease must submit a completed Certificate of Capacity to Comcare for their claim to be assessed.

The Certificate of Capacity provides important information to the employer and Comcare about:

  • what capacity for work the employee does have
  • what adjustments are required to support the employee to return to good work
  • if the medical practitioner has requested a return to work case conference
  • rehabilitation programs.

The Certificate of Capacity helps Comcare to make better decisions about:

  • accepting an employee’s workers’ compensation claim
  • incapacity entitlements
  • the type and amount of benefits an employee with a workplace injury or disease can be paid
  • approving reasonably necessary medical treatment.

The Certificate of Capacity must state the diagnosis or description of the condition and cause of the condition. If this information is omitted from the Certificate of Capacity, Comcare is unable to assess the employee’s workers’ compensation claim.

For psychological injury claims for workers’ compensation, the cause of the condition is not required as further medical evidence will be sought by Comcare.

Comcare has collated with a range of stakeholders including medical practitioners, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, employers and other insurers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to develop the Certificate of Capacity, shown below.

ACT Certificate of capacity

Certificate of Capacity GP information kit

This kit contains guidance for Medical Practitioners on how to use the new Certificate of Capacity.

The certificate of capacity is available through the following practice software:

Clinical software Type Name of template in software
Best Practice Supplied template– download the guide to using the certificate in Best Practice  ACT Certificate of Capacity
Genie Supplied template– download via software updates ACT Option 
Medical Director Supplied template in letter writer– download the guide to using the certificate in Medical Director  Comcare Certificate of Capacity
Medtech Supplied template can be downloaded from Medtech website WCACT
Page last updated: 13 Dec 2018