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Return to work case conferencing

Returning to work following an injury or disease or staying in work whilst managing injury or disease is an important part of rehabilitation and recovery. Participation in the workplace can have a significant impact on a employee's emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Return to work (RTW) case conferencing connects the medical practitioner, employer, employee, other treatment providers and insurer at the right time to best support return to work outcomes.

RTW case conferencing provides the opportunity to:

  • discuss the requirements for RTW
  • consider the employee's capacity for work
  • discuss what supports may be required to support the employee to RTW—e.g. flexible work arrangements, workplace adjustments, alternative duties, equipment supports
  • agree on actions that focus on and support the employee's RTW.

The RTW case conference model was developed in consultation with medical practitioners, employers, consumers, insurers and workplace rehabilitation providers (WRPs). The model provides a consistent approach on how to organise and undertake a case conference.

Return to work case conferencing image

An effective RTW case conference:

  • requires preparation to ensure there is a clear purpose, plan and expectations
  • involves those that can contribute to the employee's recovery at and return to work
  • ensures the employee feels respected, trusted and listened to.

RTW case conferencing resources are available for all stakeholders to support positive employee return to work outcomes. The resources available include:

  • Return to work case conferencing (model)
  • When is return to work case conferencing most useful? (a guide)
  • Return to work case conferencing checklist for Rehabilitation Case Manager (RCM) and WRP
  • Return to work case conferencing for RCM and WRP (flowchart)
  • Return to work case conference roles and responsibilities (for all involved parties)
  • Return to work case conference plan (a template)
  • Return to work case conference—FAQs for employees
  • Billing for GP involvement in RTW case conferencing
Page last updated: 28 Oct 2016