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Video - Working for today and tomorrow

SPEAKER:  I am just starting out in my career.  I'm young, I'm ambitious, and I'm keen to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.

SPEAKER:  My team at work is great.  We're all different ages so we all have these different perspectives and I think that's what makes it fun.  I'm in my mid 20s and I love the diversity. 

SPEAKER:  I'm in my mid 30s.  Quite a few of my fellow team members are older than me.  I need the support of my workplace to help me be a more confident manager.

SPEAKER:  My partner travels for work quite a lot.  I'm supportive of this, but I need my workplace to be flexible with the hours that I work.

SPEAKER:  I'm in my mid 40s, and I've recently experienced some major health issues.  I'm still really keen to be in the workplace and I need my manager to help me create some meaningful work whilst I'm recovering.

SPEAKER:  I'm looking for some new challenges and opportunities after being in the same role for a while.  I've recently completed some training, and I'm really hoping that work will be able to give me some help in applying those skills.

SPEAKER:  I'm in my mid 50s and I've been working for three years after being a full-time carer.  I really enjoy contributing and participating in my workplace and I need my workplace to upskill me.

SPEAKER:  I guess I found a few years' ago I wasn't really enjoying my work so I changed jobs, and now I really like my work.

SPEAKER:  I am keen to learn.

SPEAKER:  I love the diversity of my team.

SPEAKER:  I want to be a confident manager.

SPEAKER:  I need work/life balance.

SPEAKER:  I need meaningful work.

SPEAKER:  And when the work's good, I'm good, too.

SPEAKER:  I really enjoy contributing.

SPEAKER:  I am glad I was offered a new career pathway.

SPEAKER:  We all have different needs.

SPEAKER:  But one thing is common - -

SPEAKER:  In all of us - -

SPEAKER:  We want our workplace to invest in our experience throughout our careers.

Last updated: 12 Nov 2013