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Worker/HSR - Accountability

As a worker, you are required to follow procedures put in place for your health and safety. This may include following safety manuals and procedures, participating in safety training, wearing personal protective equipment, and exercising a level of care and responsibility in your work.

Every worker at all levels of a business should:

  • Take ownership of their own health and safety for those matters within their control or ability to influence.
  • Work with colleagues to promote health and safety and ensure that it becomes a part of everyday business
  • Contribute to providing quality information that enables the establishment of baseline compliance levels and the measurement of changes in compliance over time. This rich source of information provides a reference point for targeting prevention and better practice initiatives
  • Be accountable as an individual to enhance a culture of health and safety within the PCBU
  • Ensure that they meet duty of care obligations as required under the WHS laws. Non-compliance can result in a range of regulatory responses, and in some cases, criminal prosecution with substantially increased fines which may include jail sentences.
If you do not follow the required procedures, you could face non compliances under the WHS Act and there may be penalties that you as a worker may face.
Page last updated: 07 Mar 2014