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Prevention Award: John Holland Pty Ltd

John Holland Pty Ltd was the winner of the 2018 Comcare Work Health and Safety Prevention Award.

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About John Holland Pty Ltd

John Holland works across sectors delivering contracting, engineering and service solutions to the infrastructure, energy, resources and transport industries across Australia and beyond.

The problem and/or challenge

The maintenance of 1706 marine piles across the Dalrymple Bay Coal Management Terminal (DBCMT) had the capacity to put workers’ safety at risk and was considered a lengthy and costly process at the mercy of environmental condition. The numerous risks associated with DBCMT included accessibility, where personnel where working in harnesses over water, falls from height, falling or dropped objects, manual handling injuries, entanglement in operating conveyors, congestion, being struck by moving vehicles on the jetty, and drowning.

The approach and outcome

John Holland undertook a comprehensive, staged approach to obtain the necessary data to establish a detailed, substantiated recommendation for DBCTM. This led to the development of an innovative jetty access maintenance solution called a ‘Mobile Swing-stage Gantry’. The gantry was designed to eliminate the high risk to personnel involved with drop/suspended scaffolds, while reducing the significant loss of time associated with building scaffolds and working around tides. Once the gantry was accepted, a process of preliminary development, detailed design, manufacture, supply and commissioning began. The outcome eliminated several significant workplace hazards that directly affect workers and met the client’s objectives. This solution can now be adopted on marine infrastructure projects worldwide.

Key achievements

  • Eliminated scaffolders working at heights over water, underneath operating conveyors in harnesses for extended periods of time and reduced dropped objects into the ocean.
  • Removed repetitive building/stripping of suspended scaffolds and potential for manual handling injuries.
  • Eliminated workers having to access and repair damaged scaffolds subject to sea damage.
  • Removed access blockages/restrictions along the jetty and eliminated vehicular/worker interfaces on the jetty.
  • Operationally, the gantry has met all performance indicators in terms of safety, quality, environment, time and cost.

Further information

For further information on John Holland’s entry and project, please email Wes Johnston, Project Manager, John Holland.

John Holland

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018