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Prevention Award: John Holland Pty Ltd - Video transcript

John Holland Pty Ltd with their entry titled 'Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management Mobile Swing Stage Gantry'

The maintenance of 1700 marine piles across the Dalrymple Bay Coal Management Terminal had numerous access risks including falls from height, falling objects, manual handling injuries, entanglement in operating conveyors, wave or tidal action, congestion, being struck by moving vehicles, and drowning.

John Holland undertook a comprehensive, staged approach to obtain the necessary data to establish a detailed, substantiated recommendation for the terminal.

The research led to the development of an innovative jetty access maintenance solution called a 'Mobile Swing-stage Gantry'.

The gantry was designed to eliminate the high risk to personnel involved, while reducing the significant loss of time associated with building scaffolds and working around tides.

The solution eliminated all existing risks and the outcome has directly affected workers and met the client’s objectives. This solution can now be adopted on marine infrastructure projects worldwide and John Holland have left a legacy to be proud of.

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018