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Prevention Award: ANSTO - Video transcript

ANSTO with their entry titled Electrical Arc Flash Safety Program for ANSTO’s Reactor Facility

ANSTO’s OPAL Reactor facility, is powered by a high-current electrical distribution system comprised of transformers, electrical distribution boards and diesel generators. During electrical switchboard operations, potential faults known as an ‘Electrical arc flash’ can occur.

An electrical arc flash incident recently occurred in one of the switchboards. Although safely contained without injury, an electrical arc flash safety program commenced to prevent potential injuries to operators during switching activities.

The program required specialised technical expertise. ANSTO approached the University of New South Wales and recruited a postgraduate student to assist electrical engineers in developing the program.

Hazard control measures were then implemented based on calculated potential energy release during an arc flash incident.

The successful safety program incorporated the redesign of electrical switchboards, installation of arc flash mitigation devices and improved hazard signage and flash resistant personal protection equipment.

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018