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Recovery at and Return to Work Award: John Holland Group Pty Ltd

John Holland Group Pty Ltd was the winner of the 2018 Comcare Work Health and Safety Recovery at and Return to Work Award.

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About John Holland Group Pty Ltd

John Holland works across sectors delivering contracting, engineering and service solutions to the infrastructure, energy, resources and transport industries across Australia and beyond.

The problem and/or challenge

John Holland identified a group of 13 former employees who experienced long-term restrictions due to an injury or illness sustained at work and were unemployed as a result. Their restrictions were preventing them from re-entering the industry creating significant financial, psychological and social impact on them and their family. Previous approaches to rehabilitation were not addressing the needs of this group. John Holland began the process of working to identify an alternative and more intensive rehabilitation approach with the aim of improving the return to work rate for their workers.

The approach and outcome

The intensive program required two Approved Rehabilitation Provider Consultants and a Case Manager to be allocated to each worker. One consultant focused on conditioning the worker to re-enter the workforce and understand the difference between pain from soreness and pain from further injury. The other consultant worked closely with the worker to identify suitable work trial opportunities that would demonstrate their capability to undertake roles they would be applying for post the work trial. Ten of the 13 workers completed full work trials and were successful in obtaining interviews for the roles they had applied for. John Holland’s change in approach involves an earlier focus on projects that are concluding. John Holland have committed their ongoing support to staff for recovery and vocational reintegration.

Key achievements

  • John Holland are now more active when it comes to early intervention.
  • John Holland have added a more personal touch to the process and promise to place the individual at the core of the rehabilitation process.
  • The intensive program is now implemented with all workers at the time their employment ends with the aim of avoiding long-term incapacity.
  • Four workers have gained employment with a new employer, six had improvement in their work capacity, completing full work trials and obtaining interviews when applying for work.

Further information

For further information on John Holland Group’s entry and project, please email Tamara Cracknell, General Manager Self Insurance, John Holland Group.

John Holland Group

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018