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Recovery at and Return to Work Award: John Holland Group Pty Ltd - Video transcript

John Holland Group with their entry titled 'Intensive rehabilitation for long term incapacity'.

Over 2016 and 2017 John Holland identified 13 former employees who had sustained an injury at work and found themselves unemployed at the end of a project. The average ‘lost time’ for these workers was 3.8 years.

John Holland identified an alternative and more intensive rehabilitation approach with the aim of improving the return to work rate for their workers.

The intensive program required two Approved Rehabilitation Provider Consultants and a Case Manager for each worker.

One consultant focused on conditioning the worker to re-enter the workforce and the other consultant identified suitable work trial opportunities demonstrating the workers capability.

Since implementation, ten of the thirteen workers completed full work trials and were successful in obtaining interviews.

This approach has achieved improved outcomes for almost all workers who engaged in the program and John Holland are now more active when it comes to early intervention.

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018