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Prevention Award: Pacific National - Video transcript

Pacific National with their entry titled Driver Drowsiness Detection

Train crews at Pacific National spend significant hours travelling in light vehicles where falling asleep at the wheel, distraction and drowsiness, are significant hazards.

Pacific National installed their Driver Drowsiness Detection Technology which consists of both in-vehicle hardware, support software and a risk management system.

The in-vehicle hardware is a passive, infrared monitoring device which is fully automated and requires no interaction from the driver.

The sensors monitor eye closure and movement and the hardware monitors the driver for the physiological signs of drowsiness. On detection of an event, an audible alarm and rigorous vibration occurs to the driver’s seat to alert the driver before an incident occurs.

The technology is monitored in real-time, providing the opportunity to immediately implement risk controls.

Pacific National now have 212 units having overhauled their entire fatigue management system with no fatigue related light vehicle events since implementation.

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2018