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Nationally consistent approval framework for workplace rehabilitation providers

A working group that included representatives from each jurisdiction's workers' compensation authorities, was commissioned by the Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities (HWCA) to consider a nationally consistent approval model for occupational rehabilitation providers.

It drafted the Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers, which was endorsed by HWCA after industry consultation. Along with signatories from other workers' compensation authorities, Comcare started operating under the national framework on 1 July 2010.

The nationally consistent approval framework makes sure there is a robust approval system across participating workers' compensation authorities, which allows provider performance to be objectively managed against consistent conditions of approval.  This framework also establishes principles designed to deliver high quality workplace rehabilitation services to workers, employers and insurers.

For a copy of the current framework and for more information on the nationally consistent approval framework and HWCA, please refer to the HWCA website.

If you are a rehabilitation provider that wants to be an approved workplace rehabilitation provider, you need to submit an application to the jurisdiction where you want to work, and show how you would meet the national conditions of approval (including the principles of workplace rehabilitation and the Code of Conduct). 

For more information on Comcare's application requirements see

Page last updated: 13 Oct 2015