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Working for a workplace rehabilitation provider - consultant approvals

Workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) consultants are usually one of the following professionals:

  • rehabilitation counsellor
  • occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • exercise physiologist
  • psychologist
  • nurse
  • medical practitioner
  • speech pathologist
  • social worker

If you are in one of these professionals and work for an approved WRP–and think you will be required to work with Comcare cases, then you will need to apply for approval.

To do so, please complete the Comcare workplace rehabilitation provider (consultant) approval form and send with supporting documentation to Supporting documentation consists of a copy of your qualification, a short Curriculum Vitae, and evidence of registration with the relevant professional organisation.

The consultant is also required to complete the Comcare workplace rehabilitation provider training within three months or as soon as possible upon seeking approval as a consultant.

For more information on WRP training, see:

After consultants have been verified as meeting the required competency criteria, we will issue a consultant ID number which is linked to the approved WRP organisation they work for.

A valid consultant ID number allows consultants to deliver rehabilitation program services for an approved WRP, and it should be recorded on all Comcare return to work forms and invoices.

If a consultant starts working with another approved WRP, they can apply to have their consultant ID number recognised and transferred to the new employer by emailing their details to

Comcare should also be informed when a consultant leaves employment with a WRP.

WRPs must let Comcare know about any other changes to staffing within one month.

Page last updated: 20 Aug 2019